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Thursday February 23 2017   Sun Rise/Set : 06:47 - 17:56  Rahu Kalam : 13:45 - 15:08  Yama Gandam : 06:47 - 08:10

Message from Fremont Police
Please cooperate and avoid parking in the neighborhood streets while visiting the temple
Illegally parked vehicles in temple neighborhood will be TOWED by Authorities at Vehicle Owner’s Expense. We request your cooperation in maintaining good relationship with our neighbors. SVCC Fremont thanks all of you for your support!!!
Shiva Ratri 2017, Shiva Rathri 2017, Siva Ratri 2017, Siva Rathri 2017
Shiva Ratri 2017, Shiva Rathri 2017, Siva Ratri 2017, Siva Rathri 2017
Masi Magam 2017, Masi Magham 2017, Maasi Magam 2017, Maasi Magham 2017
Karadayan Nombu 2017
Quote of the day
How should one pass one's life? As the fire in the hearth is stirred from time to time with a poker to make it burn brightly and prevent it from going out, so the mind should be occasionally invigorated by the society of the pious.
Swami Ramakrishna

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